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Footfall: a new financial literacy game

Footfall montage

Footfall, a free Facebook and iOS game commissioned by Channel 4 Education, aims to introduce 14-19 year olds to entrepreneurship and financial literacy, demonstrating the social, environmental and financial impact of decisions made when running a small start-up business.

The game places the player in charge of a fledgling shoe-shop, featuring eight shoe designers and 16 manufacturing options from which to make over 100 strange and wonderful shoes, including the Conker loafer, Candyfloss high heels and Steam-Punk snow boots, and tasks them with selecting the stock and designing the perfect window display to generate sales from a trend-obsessed public.

Alongside the Facebook game, a free iOS companion app ensures players keep in touch with the world of Footfall wherever they are, enabling them to follow seasonal trends, check stock levels, and play the 'Catwalk' game for bonus cash.

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