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Fairtrade packs for Young Co-operatives from the Fair Traders Cooperative

The Fair Traders Cooperative is offering an exciting opportunity for Young Co-operatives to purchase specially put together packs of ethically traded products – themed around Fashion, Fun, Pampering and Stationary – to sell in their co-operative enterprises in time for Christmas.

The packs were launched at the co-operative schools conference at New Century Hall in Manchester on 2 November.

The Fair Traders Cooperative is a community co-operative which has formed to support the development of fair and ethical trading and help disadvantaged communities. It sells affordable, ethical products that have a positive impact on people and the planet. The Fair Traders Cooperative is owned by its members, who invest in the company, and take part in the unique assessment process it has devised to decide which products it sells. The co-operative aims to make customers aware of the impact their purchases make across the supply chain.

The co-operative is part of an international community of consumers, suppliers, producers and other institutions and works closely with small producers in places like India, Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya. Every product sold, and every supplier the co-operative works with, undergoes a sustainability assessment looking at its environmental, social and economic impacts, including minimising damage to the environment and maximising the positive impact on climate threat. The co-operative also assesses their level of lasting economic benefits and impact on world poverty, whether directly or indirectly.

Stationery Pack

Stationary pack

Recycling and handcrafts from around the world are the hallmarks of this bumper Stationery Pack. From recycled elephant dung to recycled car tyres, our Stationery Pack is highly rated for its positive environmental impact, as well as having undergone The Fair Traders Cooperative Assessment Process on social and economic impacts. Includes a huge variety of notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, files and pencil cases.

Fashion Pack

Fashion pack

A selection of affordable fashion accessories, which are fun, unique and in a class of their own. With this pack you are helping to sustain communities from Cambodia to Nepal, as well as local UK artisans, all of whom have undergone The Fair Traders Cooperative Assessment Process on their social, environmental and economic impacts. Includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, scarves, purses, brooches and hair accessories.

Fun Stuff

Fun pack

Fairtrade is Fun, and our Fun Stuff Pack is out to prove it. The theme is unique and colourful items which have been handcrafted around the world from local or recycled materials. We have included tin animals, beaded geckos, felt brooches, craft packs and more. Every product has been assessed for its positive impact on the planet, social communities and their economies.

Pamper Pack

Pamper pack

A feel good collection of pamper products. ‘Feel good’ because each and every product has undergone the Fair Traders Cooperative Sustainability Assessment with regard to its environmental, social and economic impact. ‘Feel good’ because we all need a little pampering from time to time. Includes lots of lovely smells and fizzes for the bath, creams and balms. Indulge!

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