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Democracy in Ghana short film

Find out more about how citizens are becoming involved in democracy in Ghana – including through the country’s biggest co-operative, Kuapa Kokoo, which has 64,000 members across the country.

This short film, which has been produced by pBS News Hour, looks at the difference between Ghana and other oil-rich African nations, which are often mismanaged and corrupt. As well as showing other activities to stimulate economic activity in rural areas, such as shea butter processing, this short film visits members of Kuapa Kokoo and describes how the co-operative is democratically organised with elected leaders, recorders and committees and accounts presented at group meetings.

Members of Kuapa Kokoo discuss how the co-operative has brought both community benefits such as being able to fund wells, credit unions and schools and individual benefits such as financing sending their children to College.

We see workers helping each other cut open cocoa pods to be fermented and dried – although it is difficult to make chocolate in Ghana so a fair price is sought for exporting the beans abroad instead. Despite owning a share in Divine Chocolate, most members have never tasted chocolate!

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