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All4Each: A unit to inspire a co-operative conscience

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Find out more about the differences between co-operatives and private sector businesses, and get inspiration to start you own co-operative enterprise, in a colourful and lively resource produced by the Ontario Co-operative Association.

The resource, All4Each, is designed to inspire a co-operative conscience and raise awareness of co-operatives in schools in the run up to 2012, the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives.

All4Each is filled with real-life case studies on co-operative enterprises throughout history, from the Rochdale Pioneers in the UK to the Antigonish Movement in Canada, Mondragon in Spain to Cafe Femenino in Peru. It is also peppered with inspiring quotes on co-operation.

Students are encouraged to find co-operative solutions to a range of business scenarios, culminating in brainstorming their ideas for a co-operative enterprise of their own and coming up with a co-operative business proposal.

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Ontario Co-operative Association’s website also contains an eye-catching introduction to co-operatives and what makes them unique at