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Young Co-operatives and Recon in schools in Swaziland

Students in Swaziland

Students in schools in Swaziland have been inspired to reuse and recycle by Young Co-operatives and Recon resources. Umtsentse Youth Workers Co-op Society, a registered Young Co-operative, is using the Action Kit and Recon resources produced by the Co-operative College to engage primary and secondary school students in waste management.

John Wesley Recycling centre

Recycling centre

Members of Umtsentse Youth Workers Co-op Society, a youth co-operative formed in Swaziland in 2008, have already been working together with the city council on a reuse programme in eight schools in capital city Mbabane. Although they have faced financial challenges, they hope to expand the Young Co-operatives and Recon programmes to other schools early this year with the help of teachers and volunteers.

Making jewellery

Students in Swaziland

The Recon Young Co-operatives model enables students to run an enterprise focusing on the three ‘R’s of ‘reduce’, ‘reuse’ and ‘recycle’. The accompanying Recon pack, which is available to download from, provides practical, step-by-step manufacturing guides, such as how to make jewellery and paper from waste.

Jewellery in Swaziland

Reuse project in Swaziland

The resource is packed with background on waste and recycling, containing fact sheets on landfills as well as detailing the processes for making everyday materials such as cotton and steel. There are also case studies and ideas for classroom activities, from setting up a wormery to holding a newspaper fashion show, and detailed, step-by-step manufacturing guides.

Students reusing in Swaziland

Students reusing in Swaziland