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Young Co-operative sleeps rough at Fulston Manor School

Members of the Young Co-operative at Fulston Manor School experience what it's like to sleep rough

The annual Sleep Rough event at Fulston Manor, a co-operative school in Sittingbourne, Kent, was held on 3 April at school on an incredibly cold night. Members of the school’s Young Co-operative braved the cold to experience a little of what it must feel like to be homeless.

Young Co-operatives Co-ordinator Mrs Palmer explains: “With the chill factor making the temperature feel like -3°C it was, by far, the coldest experience for us all in the last four years of us raising awareness of homelessness and to say that we were glad when the night was over is an understatement! The students who took part certainly appreciated their warm beds once they got home.

“Homelessness affects many people around the world, and national organisations such as Porchlight, or local places like The Quays, offer respite from the harshness of living on the street. Once again we would like to ask if you have any clothing or shoes you feel a homeless person would benefit from, or any food items which have a long shelf life and you would like to donate, Mrs Palmer would be happy to take these down to the Quays. Any money donated would be sent to Porchlight.

“This is the last year at Fulston for most of the students who took part in our Sleep Rough night and I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and contribution to this worthy cause. People become homeless for a wide variety of reasons and these students have interviewed some very sad cases in the past. They will leave Fulston with an in-depth knowledge of life on the streets, something which, hopefully, none of them will ever experience for real.”