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Young Co-operative takes on staff for Red Nose Day football game

Red Nose Day at Fulston Manor

One of the highlights of Red Nose Day at Fulston Manor School, a co-operative Business and Enterprise College in Sittingbourne, Kent was a football match which played off members of the school’s Young Co-operatives against staff.

Young Co-operatives Co-ordinator Sarah Palmer explained: “Staff could only kick with their non-dominant foot so that the Year 13s would have a chance of winning. This was never to be, even though there were four Year 13 girls in goal! Mr Deeks and Mr Abbott were frequently sent off by the very strict ref, Dannea Wright. The final score was 6-2 and ‘Man’ of the Match went to a very deserving Amie Sheppard who wore her red nose with pride and actually played a good game.”

She said: “Thanks goes to all the members of the Young Co-operatives group who, let’s face it, aren’t known for their sporting prowess but gave it 100 per cent to raise £50 for this great cause.”