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Refurbish a school in South Africa – can you help?

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W D Hendricks school, Cape Town

emember a report in the last Young Co-operatives newsletter (November 2009) from Co-operative College Principal Mervyn Wilson, who visited W D Hendricks school in a poor area of Cape Town, South Africa, and was impressed to see how students are being empowered through co-operatives. Now, the school needs help to revamp and brighten up its classrooms.

After “hard bargaining, wrestling, begging, pleading and some crying”, the school has received a donation of eight interactive whiteboards. The school was chosen to receive the whiteboards, one per classroom, because it used its computers not just for the benefit of students and staff, but also the broader community, enabling them to become computer literate.

The equipment has arrived, and should be installed by July 2010. However, the sponsors want the classrooms to undergo a “make-over” – have the ceilings sorted out, walls painted and broken windows, doors and floor tiles fixed or replaced – so that, when visitors from the Education Department, important dignitaries and colleagues from neighboring schools go to see how the equipment works and how learners are benefiting, the surrounding areas are colourful and user friendly too.

Quotes for the work range from R 95 to R156 987. However, it can be done cheaper by using local tradesmen – thereby creating work for the unemployed in the area. That means the school needs to buy the following items, as well as negotiate with the tradesmen and raise the money to pay them.

You can help by contributing money or donating items on the list:

  • 6 x 20 litres oil based paint (blue) – walls.
  • 3 x 20 litres oil based paint (yellow) – boards.
  • 3 x 20 litres flat white (ceilings).
  • Panel board to replace worn out board for posters.
  • Paint rollers, brushes, paint holders.
  • 4 x outside doors.
  • 4 x 3 lever door locks.
  • 10sq metres x vinyl floor tiles and adhesive.
  • R4000 to pay as stipend for workers.

For more information, email