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The Glasgow Academy Fairtrade Fortnight report

Glasgow Academy

Members of the Glasgow Academy Young Co-operative took part in an action packed programme of events during Fairtrade Fortnight, from film screenings to tastings, debates, book swaps and games. S5 student Natalie Bertagna reports on the behalf of the The Glasgow Academy Fairtrade Group.

Glasgow Academy Students

Over the course of Fairtrade Fortnight our Fairtrade group put together a daily stall selling Divine chocolate bars, Ubunto cola, tortilla chips and flapjacks; all Fairtrade of course.

The Chemistry Club held Fairtrade themed activities to help promote Fairtrade to the pupils who attend and the Art Club also contributed to our promotion by using Fairtrade materials to design instead of their normal materials.

Chemistry club

Tuck shop

There was also a staff Big Brew which was held during one interval in the Staff Common Room, where normal tea and coffee was switched for Fairtrade tea, coffee and biscuits. The same type of event was then held for the pupils later on in the week.

Fairtrade debate


The Gavel Club and Debating Society also arranged topics of debates about Fair trade which took place during the fortnight. During the second week, an Oranges Sports Day was arranged in which the house captains had to peel an orange without using their hands, pass oranges to one another using their body parts and try to successfully throw an orange in a bucket; it was adapted from last years Banana Sports Day.

Fairtrade Sports Day

Sports Day

Also, on the Saturday mornings, the games teams switched their normal oranges to Fairtrade oranges. A number of departments also took part in the Big Swap with Geography, Home Economics, English, History, Modern Studies and the Administration Centre all getting involved. One of our feeder Prep Schools, Atholl, also held a range of activities. Overall, we had a very successful outcome for all of our events.

Fairtrade videos

Book swap

Movie premiere

Glasgow Academy Young Co-operative