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A website packed with resources designed to introduce co-operation into the curriculum has been relaunched, with a fresh new design and easy-to-use layout. features curriculum resources on subjects such as history, healthy eating, citizenship, faith, advertising, brand and financial literacy, all with a distinctly co-operative flavour. The resources were developed by staff from the Co-operative College with teachers from the nationwide network of Co-operative Business and Enterprise Colleges, and each resource features background information as well as a range of activities, from design and drama to writing, research and IT. screenshot

The ‘History’ resource draws on material held in the National Co-operative Archive in Manchester, including archive photographs, food packaging and historic documents. It is broken down into five distinct sections: the Second World War (Bombed, Blitzed and Bunkered), Co-operative films, Robert Owen, the expansion of the co-operative and the co-operative dividend. screenshot

The ‘Healthy Eating’ resource covers topics such as pre-prepared versus fresh food, food miles, adulteration of food and diet past and present, as well as information and activities for maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. screenshot

The ‘Financial literacy’ section of the website looks at different types of financial services on offer, and offers a number of real-life scenarios to help students understand the options which are available.

The ‘Co-operation and faith’ resource discusses each of the major belief systems, including their faith services and festivals, and their stance on a number of key issues, ranging from abortion to war. The resource considers the similarities in attitudes and values between faiths and co-operation.

The ‘Brand’ section of the site looks at the importance of branding to organisations, and how co-operatives can make their brand stand out, whilst ‘Advertising’ considers how organisations such as co-operatives can promote their work. also features information and resources for about co-operative schools, including case studies, news and information about events and training. Whilst all resources are free to access, users will need to take a few seconds to register to see all areas of the site. screenshot

Start exploring at We would love to hear any feedback you have about the website and resources, as well as any suggestions on how you would like to see it develop in future: please email

There are now more than 450 co-operative schools across the country, in addition to a network of specialist Business and Enterprise Colleges which have opted to focus on the co-operative enterprise model and values and principles. Co-operative schools embed co-operation into all levels of their school, from the membership structure to the curriculum, and are characterised by a democratically accountable membership structure drawn from key stakeholders such as staff, students, parents/carers, members of the local community and representatives of local business.