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School co-operatives in Costa Rica

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Cenecoop, the Costa Rica Centro de Estudios y Capatacion Cooperative, had a stand at the Co-operatives United expo, and staff from Young Co-operatives used the chance to quiz them about co-operative schools and youth-run co-operatives in schools in the country.

Legislation introduced in Costa Rica in the 1980s requires co-operatives to be taught in schools, and co-operatives are given tax breaks in return for investing 2.5 per cent of their annual surplus in education.

There are ten schools run as co-operatives in Costa Rica, which are owned by their teachers and by families. There are also hundreds of student-run co-operatives in Costa Rican schools, engaged in all sorts of business from student services such as photocopying to catering and school restaurants.

There is also a co-operative university, which was set up around two years ago.