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Help young people in Lesotho in time for Christmas

Members of a youth co-operative in Lesotho

A community-based youth co-operative in the small African country of Lesotho, southern Africa, is seeking financial support to assist vulnerable and orphaned young people in the community, and it could be an ideal opportunity for young people and Young Co-operatives in the UK to get involved in fundraising for young people elsewhere in the world, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Manonyane Youth and Development Center, which was founded in 2013 and will celebrate its first anniversary in January 2014, has twenty youth members and works with 300 young people who are either vulnerable or orphans. Most young people in the Manonyane community live without one or both of their parents, a tragic result of the high level of poverty and the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has claimed people’s lives. Some children are rescued by their extended families or grandparents, who are unable to feed and educate them. As a result, this places additional stress on the families that are already struggling to cope. The remainder are left completely alone in the world.

By working closely with individual families, Manonyane Youth and Development Center aims to prevent family break downs and stop children being abandoned due to poverty. It works in five key areas with each of the families:

  • Their living conditions.
  • Family and social relationships.
  • Education.
  • Health.
  • Household economy.

Having this activity provides an opportunity to captivate the attention of national government, the business community and, most importantly, the general public.

One of the other major aims of the organisation is to instill the love of the Basotho culture and tradition in youth, through organising cultural events like music and dances as a way of fund raising for needy young people. The organisation also aims to promote less environmentally-destructive economic growth for human development.

On Friday 17 January 2014 the youth co-operative will be offering gifts to vulnerable young people in the community as awareness and recognition of what they are going through. These will include new and secondhand clothes including shoes, foodstuffs, uniforms, stationery and any other donated items. Your school can help by fundraising and offering donations which can go towards such items, Young Co-operatives may wish to donate some of their profits to the project, or your students may wish to come up with their own fundraising activities. If your students are able to fundraise and can offer any financial donations contact