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Find out what a co-op looks like with ILO video

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A simple but effective short film produced by the ILO (International Labour Office) for 2012 IYC (International Year of Co-operatives) shows the diversity and scale of co-operative enterprises around the world, providing a succinct introduction to what co-operatives are and how they work.

Drawing on the IYC theme of ‘Co-operative enterprises build a better world,’ the video demonstrates that co-operatives are values-led businesses empowering people through democratic participation, education, gender equality and care for communities. It also reports that co-operatives provide a million jobs worldwide.

The key messages of the film are:

‘A co-operative meets your needs because it is owned by you’

‘Co-operatives improve livelihoods and strengthen economies’

‘Co-operatives are successful and sustainable enterprises’

‘Co-operatives put people before profit’

Watch the three minute video online: