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Fairtrader food baskets for schools

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Fairtrade food baskets have been put together by Fairtrader, a community co-operative in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, in time for Fairtrade Fortnight 2013 (February 25-March 10).

For each item of food in the basket, which ranges from pasta from the Andes to chocolate from Ghana and sugar produced in Paraguay, the Fairtraders have produced an accompanying story about the farmers and people who produced the food, their families, and where they live. The Fairtrader Food Basket could be used to support teaching and learning, used in assemblies, or incorporated into other events during Fairtrade Fortnight. For example, coffee and tea in could be used at a Fairtrade coffee morning, or the food basket could be used as a raffle prize.

The products can be purchased individually or as an educational resource (£50+postage). The resource includes a CD of resources to support teaching and learning, including producer stories written in ‘child-speak’ for each product and songs, rhymes and chants about Fairtrade and Fairtrade food.

For a full list of ingredients, order details and a sample producer story see attachment below.

Fairtrader food baskets for schools