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Fairtrade Raps

Al Khair Fairtrade Fortnight

Students at Al Khair School in East Croydon were challenged to a house competition to create a Fairtrade themed rap as part of their school’s activities for Fairtrade Fortnight, which also included a Fairtrade Café and breakfast.

Below are the lyrics to some of the winning raps.



Treat me like an animal, boy it not funny

Treat me like an animal, boy it not funny

Working all year and you give me ONE POUND

Working all year so you can wear the CROWN.

I don’t like to complain, but it not fair

Who made you the boss of me, man it bare

Wrong! y’all give me the con

So sing wid me, when i sing the song:

Work work work work work work MONEY

Work work work work work work MONEY

Treat me like an animal boy it not funny

Treat me like an animal boy it not funny

Wanna see more of dat green, lemme see your queen

Let my children go school, kill multinational rule

Let the farmers survive, I hear grief from my wife

How yer spend yer cash on useless trash

While we out in the sun, boy sweating no fun

I wanna decent wage, get me out of this cage

I don’t mind to work work work work work work for money

Treat me wid respect, gimme food for my tummy

Let the trade be fair, show me you people care

A new era will rise, proud and dignified

Work,work work work work, FAIR MONEY

Work work work work work FAIR MONEY

Life will be good and the future sunny

Life will be good and the future sunny!

Fairtrade cake

In the commission, you see is fair-trade in my vision

they don’t like me cause im tryna change the worlds mission.

You heard of us the exploitation murderers,

been on the low lately governments hate me

cause im just reppin fair-trade all the way.

They hesitating we’ll be in parliament waitin. Duck tapin.

Our world’s


lays in our hands.

Got proof in the Bible and Quran.

Fairtrade f to the de phenomenal

And the emblem

that glows is abominal.

Drop a few bars so i can help a few farms

Then i kick a few flows so i can help a few more


This Is our present

Never tens

Never hesitate

leave the prayer mat with four prints.

And no one can stop us

This is our revolution

soon fair-trade will be on anything

Teen jeans

Baked beans

Mains stream




Its just Ridiculas

In a day in the life of the commission.

The school held a joint primary and secondary school event with parents involved. Afsha Mohamed, School Development Coordinator said: “The Cafe went really well, there was a nice buzz in the school. I overheard children as young as 5/6 talking about Fairtrade, asking each other, do you know what that is? That’s a Fairtrade chocolate bar! Lots of the school children are opting to buy the FT products and snacks we have in the school shop. It's a small step but it's something.”

Students at Al Khair

Al Khair

“Even secondary boys got into the spirit of FT. They helped out a lot in setting things up, manning the stalls, but they also made FT seem cool with some brilliant raps they made and performed! It was very amusing to watch!"

Al Khair chocolate fountain