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Help send more children to school in Malawi – by buying Fair Trade rice from The Fair Traders Co-operative!

Kilombero Fair Trade rice

Have you ever thought that the brand of rice you buy could have an impact on whether children in Africa attend school or not? The Fair Traders Co-operative in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, is supporting a new Fair Trade Rice Challenge to press home the message that by buying fairly traded rice instead of your usual brand, you really can make a difference to the lives of African children.

The shop is launching the Rice Challenge during Holmfirth Food and Drink Festival in September to help increase sales of Kilombero Fair Trade rice so more Malawian farmers can afford an education for their children.

Only one in three children in Malawi attends high school, yet there is clear evidence that education is one of the most effective ways to escape poverty. If a farmer in Malawi can sell 90kg of rice at a fair price, he makes sufficient income to send one of his children to school. The Fair Traders Co-operative Rice Challenge will make it easy for people to support the livelihoods of Malawian farmers whilst enjoying high quality rice. And it aims to provide feedback for those buying the rice about the children and families helped by their purchases.

“We’re very excited about launching this challenge,” said Anna Watson of The Fair Traders Co-operative. “For us it’s a way to get the message out there that shoppers really can make a huge difference to people’s lives just through the everyday purchases they make and the stores they choose to shop in. Here at The Fair Traders Co-operative we assess every product we sell for its impact on people and the planet, and customers can see the results of that assessment at a glance before they buy. We really want this rice challenge to inspire people by showing them the positive impact that choosing fair trade can have.”

The campaign launch at Holmfirth Food and Drink Festival will involve a cookery demonstration and tasting session by a Malawian cook in the Market Hall, and presentations at The Fair Traders Co-operative about rice farming in Malawi and the difference that Fair Trade makes to the lives of farmers and their communities. Festival-goers will also be faced with a ‘rice mountain’, representing the 90kg of fairly traded rice a Malawian farmer needs to sell in order to send one child to school.

Everyone attending the launch event will be invited to pledge to buy Fair Trade rice from The Fair Traders Co-operative so rice farmers in Malawi can have a secure future. They will then be able to chart the shop’s progress towards sending more children to school in Malawi on the giant ‘rice-ometer’ to be displayed inside the shop and on its website. Why not help ‘eat people out of poverty’ and look into selling Fair Trade Kilombero rice in your Young Co-operative?

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