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Why not set up a FILMCLUB as a Young Co-operative?


Do you want to watch films from across the world, and from over 100 years of cinema? FILMCLUB is a free educational club for schools which enables both primary and secondary schools to hold weekly screenings of films with educational and social impact.

FILMCLUB members can choose from thousands of films including classics, Bollywood, Hollywood, foreign language film and documentaries, and seasons and themes are updated regularly.

Film can help students find out more about the world beyond their local environment and different cultural practices and beliefs, at the same time as developing improved literacy, independent thinking, critical analysis, vocational aspiration and confidence and social skills.

Students can post online reviews, and FILMCLUB also hosts industry events such as talks, question and answer sessions and workshops on the art and craft of filmmaking with actors, writers, composters, producers and directors.

They can also become media-trained Young Ambassadors, who attend and report on events such as film premieres.

Why not consider setting up a FILMCLUB as a Young Co-operative in school, run co-operatively as an after school club with members sharing responsibility for setting up and publicising screenings and deciding democratically which films to watch? For more information visit