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Co-opoly – the game for co-operatives

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The developers of a new co-operative boardgame are looking for co-operative organisations and individuals to donate money so the game can be printed in time for the launch of 2010, the International Year of Co-operatives. Why not think about using some of your Young Co-operative's profits towards helping them meet their target?

Co-opoly is a game of skill and solidarity that requires players to found and run democratically owned and managed organisations. Players must work together to make choices about big and small challenges and decide how to take action on opportunities. Whilst playing together as a co-operative and testing their teamwork abilities, participants must also survive as individuals. Teams also play mini-games, including charades, to make or lose money for their co-operative. If either a co-operative or an individual goes under, then everyone loses.

Its creators, Toolbox for Education and Social Action, describe it as a “creative and exciting game for the growing co-operative movement” that is an “innovative and inspiring way for existing co-operatives as well as other interested people to learn about co-operatives and how to practise co-operation”.

TESA is a worker-owned organisation based in Massachusetts, US, that publishes participatory resources for social and economic change. Co-opoly was conceived as a teaching tool about how to build and sustain co-operatives and “how to make co-operation possible”. The game aims to show that co-operatives are a “viable alternative” in times of “economic turmoil”. It can be played by friends, families and co-operatives as well as during workshops and conferences and at schools and universities.

Co-opoly will initially focus on worker co-operatives, but it is hoped that editions will be eventually developed for other types of co-operatives – including food co-operatives, artisan co-operatives, housing co-operatives and student co-operatives – to represent the wide-ranging co-operative movement.

TESA has spent years prototyping, developing and testing Co-opoly in collaboration with the co-operative community. Now, it is hoping to raise between $12,000 and $17,000 to print the game in time for a launch in November.

Individuals or organisations can donate any sum of money from $1 upwards, with various rewards such as having their name or logo appear in the game, and receiving stickers or free copies of the game.

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See photos of the game being tested, read testimonials and find out how to contribute at

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