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Co-operative competition: what would be your "One giant leap..." speech?

Co-operative competition

We all know Neil Armstrong’s “one small step…” speech, but if he had been one of the founders of The Co-operative what might he have said? Could you come up with something better?

2012 is the International Year of Co-operatives and The Co-operative is running a unique competition leading up to the launch of The Co-operative Revolution: A Graphic Novel, which vividly explores the history of the co-operative movement from its birth in 1844 to its spread across the world today. The graphic novel then imagines the co-operative future, taking an optimistic peek at the state of the world in 2044 (200 years after the Rochdale Pioneers set up their first co-operative grocery store on Toad Lane, Rochdale). If you can come up with a suitably iconic winning phrase, your words will be immortalised in this piece of co-operative memorabilia, which will be launched this autumn.

Submit your suggestions at:

The deadline for entries is Friday 10 August at 4pm.