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ASDAN Co-operative Citizenship Award

Co-operative Citizenship Award - cover

The Co-operative College is delighted to announce it has added the Co-operative Citizenship Award to the range of programmes it offers in conjunction with the awarding body ASDAN.

The Co-operative Citizenship Award will be launched at the College’s Co-operative Curriculum and Pedagogy Day at Four Dwellings High School in Birmingham on 7 July.

The Award provides a fresh, stimulating approach to citizenship and an ideal way to embed co-operative values in school, with each module helping students reflect on one of the six co-operative values (self-responsibility, self-help, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity) and their links to responsible citizenship. Whilst undertaking a range of Challenges themed around ‘Rights and Responsibilities’, ‘Individuals and Communities’, ‘Government and Democracy’, ‘Laws and the Courts’, ‘Finance, Work and the Media’ and ‘Global Citizenship’, students encounter and explore key concepts such as ‘democracy’, ‘diversity’, ‘community’ and ‘equality’. Students are encouraged to consider how these ideas relate to the wider world, whether by looking at issues such as international trade and child labour or researching Children’s Rights, Human Rights and rights and responsibilities at work.

Julie Thorpe, Head of School and Youth Programmes at the Co-operative College, said: “This latest addition to the suite of Co-operative Studies programmes offers school the opportunity to focus their citizenship education through the lens of our globally shared values. Students will gain both a better understanding of co-operation and the chance to explore co-operative solutions to local, national, and global issues.”

The Award credits up to sixty hours of Co-operative Citizenship, with activities ranging from research, debate and discussion to organising events, producing materials and sharing outcomes with others. Challenges include: designing a new tax system for the UK; running an election or organising a referendum; holding an environmental audit in school; setting up a business; and arranging a visit to a co-operative.

Lesley Parry, Deputy Headteacher and Religious Studies teacher at Failsworth School in Oldham, commented: “The only way to make citizenship real is to make it values-driven. Once young people see and agree with the values, they are more likely to take the lessons they learn into their real lives and not leave them in the classroom. This course is about doing that – real citizenship for change. It is about developing young people into responsible citizens of the future. Schools can use this award to help make a change within their own school communities, as well as more widely.”

Inspiring case studies demonstrate how co-operatives have worked together across the world, from the Rochdale Pioneers to tackling child labour, the role of co-operatives in reconstruction after the 2004 Tsunami to teaming up to provide renewable energy.

The Award helps students recognise personal and collective achievements, manage their own learning, broaden their experiences, develop employability skills and personal effectiveness and build a Progress file, linking to the Key Skills of Improving Own Learning, Working with Others and Problem Solving.

Jon Duckham, Head of Programmes, ASDAN, said: “ASDAN are delighted to have worked in partnership with the Co-operative College to produce this new addition to the Co-operative Studies range. It will present many young people with the opportunity to discover how effective citizenship and co-operative principles are inextricably linked and, if delivered as part of the ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, has the potential lead to a qualification outcome.”

For more information on using the qualification in your school contact

To find out more about the range of Co-operative Studies programmes offered by ASDAN and the Co-operative College and how to register with ASDAN visit