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Co-operation – it’s a Piece of Cake! Ethical baking kits from the Fair Traders Co-operative

Piece of Cake pack

With the theme for this year’s Co-operatives Fortnight (25 June-9 July) ‘Yours to Share’, what could be a more appropriate way for schools to get involved than by sharing a scrumptious Fairtrade cake together?

Chocolate cake

The Fair Traders Co-operative has put together recipes and packs of special ingredients for schools – produced by members of co-operatives around the world – with an accompanying resource from the Co-operative College which will get students to think about the issues surrounding Fairtrade and organic food at the same time as putting the co-operative values and principles into action. By sharing goodies full of Fairtrade, ethically sourced ingredients, students will share wealth with producer co-operatives in poorer countries.

Just as a cake can only be made from a combination of ingredients, combined and bound through baking, people come together in co-operatives to work for their mutual benefit and help both themselves and their communities. The co-operative values and principles are the glue that connects co-operators across the world, in sectors as diverse as agriculture, health care and banking, together into one movement. The co-operative values are ideas and beliefs which shape the way co-operative businesses are run, from small-scale ventures to those with a multi-million dollar turnover. Co-operatives work in many different countries and there are more than 100 million employees and 800 million individual members.

Steenbergs Ginger Cookies

Runny batter does not turn into cake without a chemical (endothermic) reaction, and last year a breakthrough was made in identifying the formula that makes co-operation work!

The ‘formula for co-operation’, which was launched during Co-operatives Fortnight 2010, was developed from an extensive study into the seven principles of the co-operative movement. It determines the personal and group components of shared commitment, common interest and mutual trust needed for co-operation to occur in both an organisation and an individual, so organisations, businesses and governments can harness the potential of co-operation in business and economic life.

Tea Bread

These are the essential ingredients which come together to create co-operation:

Sc * (Ci + Mt) = Co

Sc = shared commitment

Ci = common interest

Mt = mutual trust

The special ingredients in the ‘Co-operation – it’s a Piece of Cake!’ pack are: Traidcraft Organic Cocoa Powder, Divine Dark Chocolate, Steenbergs Organic Ginger Powder, Steenbergs Organic Cinnamon Powder, Steenbergs Vanilla Extract, Tropical Wholefoods Organic Chewy Banana Chips, Tropical Wholefoods Organic Bogoya Banana Strips and Tropical Wholefoods Fairtrade Raisins. Instructions will be provided for schools to make five sandwich cakes, up to ninety cookies and two fruit loaves, although schools will have to supply their own basic ingredients (flour, eggs, butter, sugar etc).

The packs can be purchased at

Information and pricing.