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Caribbean school co-operatives in the 1960s

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Members of Young Co-operatives belong to a global family of co-operators, and are part of a long history of co-operative education. A recently discovered snippet from the Co-operative News, the newspaper of the co-operative movement, published in June 1960, describes a visit to the UK of a representative of school co-operative societies in the Caribbean.

The visitor from British Guiana (now Guyana) addressed a rally of the Co-operative Women's Guild, telling them about the country's 133 school co-operatives, who had together banked £22,000. Members of the school co-operatives elected their own committees and kept their own accounts, as well as learning the importance of thrift to get a good start in life. The school co-operatives taught their members not just the principles of co-operation, but how to accept responsibility and manage their own affairs.

Download a jpeg of the article below.

School co-op societies in Caribbean