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Support the campaign to protect the word ‘co-operative’

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Co-operatives UK is calling for members of co-operatives to respond to a government consultation which could be damaging to co-operative enterprise. New proposals could mean that any business would be able to call itself a co-operative, allowing rogue or misguided enterprises to trade off the co-operative identity and tarnish its reputation. Co-operatives UK is calling for protection to be improved and strengthened, so that the process is efficient for business whilst ensuring the integrity of the movement.

To help you prepare your submission, Co-operatives UK has drafted a response (attached – change the opening section to a brief description of your Young Co-operative and then search and replace ‘Co-operative College’ with the name of your Young Co-operative).

The deadline for submissions is 22 May, and they should be sent to (please send copies to Co-operatives UK’s Policy Officer -

'Co-operative' campaign: draft response