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Films about the co-operative movement at Scotland on Screen

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Fascinating archive films drawn from the co-operative movement in Scotland will enable students to see co-operative history unfold before their eyes.

The online resource at Scotland on Screen, which is sponsored by Co-operative Education Trust Scotland (CETS) and aimed at primary students, uses the footage to give an overview of co-operatives and introduce concepts and key words such as ‘wholesale’ and ‘dividend’. A range of suggested spin-off activities help students explore themes such as Co-operative learning, Fairtrade, Eco schools, Enterprise, New Lanark, Victorians, WW2 and Healthy eating.

Films include Out of the Box, a wartime propaganda short which dramatises the story of the Fenwick Weavers, a 1943 film of a radio address by the President of the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society, promotional films for co-operative stores and products, behind the scenes clips shot at a Chemical Sundries Department in the 1950s and vintage TV adverts.

The resource can be accessed here.