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Fairtrade Fortnight at Al Khair School

Al Khair School in East Croydon will be contributing to the Fairtrade Foundation’s Big Swap campaign during Fairtrade Fortnight (22 February-7 March) with a series of fun events which are part of a continuing drive to help create awareness about Fairtrade in the local community. The school hopes to make 1,000 swaps from its usual products to Fairtrade goods.

The Big Swap

Eager students from the primary and secondary school have also put to use their creative talents to pen a Fairtrade rap and created original art work.

On Friday 26 February, the school canteen will be turned into a café promoting the core values of Fairtrade, with local schools, colleges and members of the community invited to attend. Delicious recipes of innovative cakes, tropical smoothies, chocolate fountains, tea, coffee and various snacks will be available with the assistance of the school parent body.

There will be a number of exciting Fairtrade products for sale, including fruit and handmade t-shirts with Fairtrade slogans, alongside an informative display on Fairtrade. Money raised from the event will be donated to school children in Ghana and the Fairtrade products launched will be regularly stocked at the Al Khair school shop.

On Tuesday 2 March, the challenge of creating a scrumptious Fairtrade Breakfast will undertaken completely by school pupils, from organising the finances and buying products to creating posters and marketing. The menu, which is sourced entirely from Fairtrade products, includes pancakes, full English breakfast and fresh juices. Students will get into the mood by wearing Fairtrade colors and money raised will go towards buying Fairtrade footballs for the school.

Fairtrade Fortnight will come to a close with a representative of the Fairtrade Foundation visiting the school to carry out an interactive workshop consisting of a picture slideshow exploring what life is like for poor tea farmers and explaining Fairtrade via role playing activities.

A video conference link up on Friday 5 March with various primary and secondary schools will show the money raised being donated to Ghana and students will see directly the impact of Fairtrade on the lives of children just like them. There will also be a screening of a video diary and short movie of all the events made by students.

Mrs Aisha Chaudhry, Headmistress, said: “We would like to nurture an environment amongst our pupils where every decision they make is a moral decision. Thus, every transaction they make as consumers should be well informed and ethically fair. This is why we support Fairtrade – so we can educate our children about the consequences their purchasing decisions have for real families.”