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A glass act by Fulston Manor Young Co-operators

Young Co-operators from Fulston Manor school

Billy Brandon and Ryan Temple, year 13 members of the Young Co-operatives group at Fulston Manor School in Sittingbourne, Kent, refused an invitation to party on Saturday night so they could be up bright and early to sell their handmade glass jewellery and dishes at Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre. As the Young Co-operative was donating 25 per cent of any profit from sales to the Kent Air Ambulance, the centre management gave the pitch for free.

Unfortunately the weather was totally against the Young Co-operative as the sun blazed down on Kent for the first time this year so shoppers sat on beaches and ate ice cream rather than visiting Hempstead Valley. It was a huge disappointment to only raise £44.79 for The Kent Air Ambulance but the following is an extract from an email received by Mrs palmer, Community Cohesion Manger, from the staff at Kent Air Ambulance headquarters:

“Every penny collected counts and helps us! For example, we carry bubble wrap sheets on board the helicopter for each patient, as when the body is in trauma it rapidly loses body heat and this can be very harmful to the patient’s condition. Each sheet costs £1 and, when used to wrap a patient, it considerably increases their body temperature.”

Mrs Palmer said: “This has boosted our feelings that the day wasn’t a complete waste and Billy and Ryan would also like to thank Mrs Rita Cousin, our Chair of Governors, who was one of our first customers of the day. Her never ending support is greatly appreciated.”